The Modder creates a liquid-cooled PlayStation 5

It has been difficult for most gamers to find PlayStation 5 in stores since the console’s launch. Part of the problem is high demand, and another part of the problem is that speculators are constantly buying keyboards to resell them at higher prices. Most people would never dream of making significant adjustments to the PlayStation 5 as hard as getting a console. Surely any player from Vietnam had no problem making major adjustments to their console.

Nhenhophach’s custom PC creator took over two months to create the Totally customized Fluid-Cooled PlayStation 5. The first step was to purchase a hard-to-find and disassemble console. The constructor created custom panels and parts to reassemble the console with a new water cooling system.

PC mods often switch to liquid cooling because it is more efficient and less noisy than standard air cooling technologies. Switching to liquid cooling usually saves space because most modern air cooling systems are large and bulky. Nhenhophach says this is the first release of the water-cooled PlayStation 5, and more releases will come.

For those who like the idea of ​​a liquid-cooled PlayStation, Medium promises an upcoming commercial release. This means it expects the components to be available to allow PlayStation 5 owners to build their own liquid-cooled console.

Another exciting tip Nhenhophach has raised is that he intends to build a water-cooled PlayStation 5 in one of the following PCs featured on his YouTube channel. One of the biggest complaints about the PlayStation 5 benchmark is its size, and the liquid-cooled custom controller appears to be much smaller. If the dedicated hardware marketing plan moves forward, there should be no legal action as none of the components are comparable to standard Sony devices.

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