The mayor does not enforce the curfew imposed by Newsom due to the Corona virus, and will not “make criminals” of law-abiding citizens

to me California Sherif She says she will not impose Gov. Gavin Newsomthe new Corona Virus Curfews, according to reports.

Newsom announced a number of measures on Thursday, including limited home stay orders and nightly curfews for non-essential work between 10 PM and 5 AM every Saturday through December 21.

However, Fresno Sheriff Margaret Mims said she would not punish residents who did not follow the curfew. FOX 26 reported.

Sheriff Margaret Mims (official photo)

Sheriff Margaret Mims (official photo)

“We have a lot of things to do, including taking guns from gangsters, stopping drug smuggling, and saving children from Internet predators,” Mims said during a video briefing Thursday afternoon.

We will not make criminals usually law-abiding citizens.

Mims added that the administration will not set up any checkpoints or pull people in to verify why they are leaving after the curfew.

Other law enforcement agencies plan to take a hands-off approach to curfews.

Merced County Sheriffs, Madeira Police, Visalia Police and Kings County MPs plan to continue business as usual rather than refocus on curfews.

“We will continue to carry out law enforcement responsibilities to protect the community. We are implementing it through education and trying to encourage compliance,” said Madeira Police Chief Dino Lawson.

“We will not enforce any of these orders,” said Kings County Sheriff David Dodd. The Kings County Board of Supervisors has asked us to take an educational approach. We will refer people to written guidelines to prevent proliferation.

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The city of Fresno sent a statement on Thursday asking residents to “voluntarily comply” with the curfew, According to KMJ Now.

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