the mark of the 500,000 dead that will soon be crossed

It’s a sad milestone America is preparing to take. According to figures from Johns Hopkins University on Monday at 00:00 GMT, 498,786 victims of the epidemic have been identified and more than 28 million people have been infected with Covid-19.. “It’s terrible, it’s horrible,” reacted on Sunday, February 21, immunologist Anthony Fauci, an advisor to Joe Biden.

“We did not know anything about this for more than 100 years, since the 1918 pandemic,” he stressed in CNN. A national drama that, according to him, “will go down in history”. “In decades, people will continue talking about that moment when so many people died,” lamented the advisor.

“500,000! This is almost 70,000 more than all the Americans who died during World War II, in a period of four years,” the Democratic president reacted to the mention of this macabre level, while recalling that the vaccination campaign continues to advance.

18 million Americans fully immunized

In fact, there are encouraging signs: with an average of 1.7 million injections daily, a rate that should continue to rise in the coming weeks, Joe Biden said he was confident in the ability to achieve 600 million doses (enough to vaccinate the entire population) available at the end of July.

In total, one of two doses of the coronavirus vaccine has been administered to more than 61 million Americans: 18 million of them received the two necessary injections against the virus.. In addition, after an epidemiological peak in January, the weekly average of deaths and that of new cases are clearly on the decline.

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