the loss of attorney Tom Girardi, former boss of Erin Brockovich

You know Erin brockovich this film with Julia Roberts, the story of a single woman who condemns a large firm on a health issue. The real Erin Brockovich was at the time a cabinet intern. Their leader had become a star in the process. A star today trapped by justice. Tom Girardi, that’s his name, he has since scammed several victims he was defending.

The former incarnation of the incorruptible lawyer is, at 81, a former star of the fallen bar. His signature became world famous thanks to one of his employees, a former Miss West Coast: Erin Brockovich. With the support of Tom Girardi, he closes an electricity company for causing several cancers. A record fine of $ 333 million.

Tom Girardi is named Lawyer of the Decade. It shakes large groups, but it would have been used in the process, particularly to the detriment of the Indonesian victims of the aircraft maker’s Boeing 737 MAX.

$ 20 million embezzled

In total, the lawyer allegedly embezzled $ 20 million, mainly to satisfy the luxury tastes of his third wife, 32 years his junior. Tired of shopping, she started singing. These videos were not very successful, but they were very expensive. The one with a $ 250 million fortune would now have $ 2,000 in his bank account and a reputation as a corrupt lawyer.

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