The Last of Us HBO series officially released

The Last of Us HBO series is now officially taking place after the television giant orders its first season. WarnerMedia, the parent company of HBO, confirmed the development in a press release distributed Friday afternoon, ET. The move also confirmed that parts of the executive list were already linked to the project. For example, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Neil Druckman will be an Executive Producer of the series. He is the creative director behind both games, for starters.

Druckman will be joined by fellow Naughty Dog Evan Wells, as well as Carter Swan and Asad Qizilbash from PlayStation Productions. Alongside Sony’s own designs, The Last of Us HBO will be produced by Caroline Strauss and Craig Mazen. Both are known for their work on the critically acclaimed network show of Chernobyl. However, Strauss also worked on the Game of Thrones TV adaptation.

Druckmann and Mazin were already tasked with writing the script for the show, HBO said. Not surprisingly, Sony framed the project as evidence of the quality of interactive storytelling. For its part, HBO sees the pledge as a continuation of a diversified content strategy.

Unsurprisingly Sony frames The Last of Us HBO series as evidence for interactive storytelling

Based on limited information from HBO and Sony, the show will be a relatively traditional adaptation. One clings to the source material closely. Today’s announcement also confirms that Word Games will be the production company for the project. This is the same company that co-produced Chernobyl with Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Sky UK and HBO itself.

So, by all accounts, The Last of Us HBO series is in good hands. Meaning, the risk of being caught in a pre-production hell seems fairly low. But this tends to be the effect of HBO’s money on any project. Especially one that relies on IP which is already world famous. In other words: this thing is made in one way or another because there is a lot of money to be made even on a bad adaptation. That’s just pop culture work.

The Last of Us HBO series still lacks an official release time frame. One of them must be announced by the time pre-production ends. Given the network’s track record, the debut of this highly anticipated offering in mid-2022 seems reasonable. When its debut ends, it will be available via both HBO and HBO Max from day one.

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