the king was vaccinated against the coronavirus

Vaccination against the coronavirus continues around the world. King Salman of Saudi Arabia, 85, received the first dose of the vaccine on Friday (January 8)., more than three weeks after the start of the national vaccination campaign, reported the official SPA news agency. Saudi Arabia, the most populous Arab country in the Gulf with 34 million inhabitants, is the most affected by the pandemic. It has registered more than 363,000 cases of the new coronavirus, including more than 6,000 deaths.

King Salman “received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine” in Neom, a futuristic megalopolis under development in the Red Sea, specifies the SPA. The agency posted photos and videos showing the ruler getting vaccinated. On December 17, Saudi Arabia launched a vaccination campaign after approving the use of the vaccine developed by the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech.

The campaign must take place in three phases. The first refers to the most vulnerable people, such as people over 65 who suffer from obesity and serious chronic diseases or who work in professions especially exposed to the virus. The second phase will benefit people over 50, other health professionals, and people with less serious illnesses. Finally, all other people who wish to be vaccinated can do so during the third phase.

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