the inhabitants of a building offer two years of rent to their cleaning lady

A great show of solidarity in these troubled times. In the United States, a country hard hit by the coronavirus, many Americans have lost their jobs like Rosa, who was cleaning a building in a wealthy New York neighborhood. To support you in this difficult period and to thank you for the work you have done over the last twenty years, the inhabitants of the building have contributed to offering him two years of rent in a huge apartment.

This beautiful story was discovered by Western france, which explains that the cleaning lady had to He resolves to live with his sister due to lack of income.. Despite everything, he continued to work without receiving a salary, as on January 23, 2021, the day everything changed. While in an elevator to go to clean an apartment, a person begins to record the video and, using small papers, explains Rosa’s story.

“His life is about to change. Here is Rosa, she lost her job due to the coronavirus and since then she has lived with her sisters ”, we can read. Basically the cleaning lady is suspicious. All the protagonists then arrive at a four-bedroom apartment, also with three bathrooms and a large terrace.

230 square meters and two years of free rent

As Rosa paces the hallways, surprise is revealed: “I know that many residents of this building adore you and that you are almost a celebrity here. I know this has been a very difficult year for you and your family. But you have helped the people in this building a lot and they want to give it back to you ”. In the hands of the real estate agent, a lease for this luxurious 230 square meter apartment and two years of prepaid rent.

Very surprised, the cleaning lady starts to cry and thanks everyone present. All he had to do was sign the document, take the keys and invest the premises, where he could think more calmly about the rest of his future.

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