The Independent Demarcation Committee of Congress in Colorado dismisses its seat for his social media posts

Danny Moore was removed from his position on Monday as chair of the Congressional Independent Committee for the Redistricting of Newly Formed Districts in Colorado after scrutiny of Social media posts He promoted unfounded allegations of fraud in the 2020 presidential election and referred to the Coronavirus as the “China virus”.

His fellow commissioners voted unanimously to dismiss Moore, a Republican appointed from the Sixth Congressional District, after he refused to resign voluntarily. They cited concerns about his ability to lead the commission with integrity and maintain public confidence in the commission.

Commissioner Julie Marie Shepherd McLean said that Moore’s publications “have created interest in our work from the start”.

“I was downright disappointed,” said Shepard McLean, a Republican from the Sixth Congressional District. “This was the first big story about our work.”

Moore, who abstained, will remain a member of the 12-person committee. Carly Hare, an unaffiliated elector from the fourth congressional district who was serving as vice president, will take over as president.

The drama is the latest challenge to the newly appointed committee, which first met on March 15 and faces months-long delays in receiving US census data threatening to derail the high-stakes redistricting process ahead of the 2022 election. It also injects partisan controversy into the commission, which was formed when Voters passed Amendments Y and Z as a way to tame politics around the redistricting process.

“It’s a function of whether we want either a Republican or a Democrat … to stir emotions as the chair of this committee,” said Commissioner Bill Lyon, a Republican from the 7th Congressional District, during the debate over whether Moore should be removed from his position as president. . “I think if we go either way, it sends the wrong message to the audience.”

9News reported for the first time On Moore’s public social media posts.

This is a developing story. Check back later for updates.

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