The Hyperkin RetroN Sq controller lets you play Game Boy cartridges

Until recently, there was almost always an obsession in the game industry for older consoles. While these throwbacks, which often come in smaller shapes than the original design, allow you to relive and replay games of the past, they were largely locked to the few games their manufacturers chose to dig into their data storage. By contrast, Hyperkin Lab does the work of putting old consoles into new shapes, and the latest RetroN Sq model does it for the Game Boy in a less portable form.

The Game Boy was one of the first handheld game consoles of its era, enabling most young gamers to spend hours playing away from the TV as long as their AA batteries lasted. The Nintendo DS, which is largely out of date now, may be the last relic of the Game Boy spirit but that doesn’t mean it’s completely dead. Especially when there are the likes of Hyperkin ready to keep him alive.

Unlike the portable Game Boy family, RetroN Sq, short for “Square,” is supposed to connect to a TV. With one wired “Scout” USB controller, the controller gives the controller more GameCube character than Game Boy. Make no mistake, it can only play Game Boy cartridges, specifically the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Note that support for Game Boy Advance is still in beta.

RetroN Sq can output video in 720p resolution, which is something Game Boy laptops are not designed for, of course, and it lets you toggle toggle between aspect ratios 4: 3 and 16: 9. There’s also a memory card reader for firmware upgrades. Which might be quite regular since it is seen running open source software. Other than that, it doesn’t seem like there are any special features other than support for virtually old cartridges.

The Retro Hyperken Square It will ship March 25 but you can actually pre-order one for $ 74.99. Since simulations are used to read original Game Boy cartridges, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo has anything to say or do about it.

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