the head of a restaurant offers a job to his thief

He is the owner of a stolen restaurant, neither resentful nor humorless, who proposed to his thief to present his candidacy this weekend in Augusta, Georgia. After seeing the thief, in surveillance camera footage, rummaging through his empty box, the boss of “Diablo’s Southwest Grill” had the idea, rather than overwhelming him, to approach him.

“My first response was anger, frustration”, told the site Today food. But when writing a post on Facebook For his clients, he realizes that this Easter weekend, he also had to send a message of forgiveness to the offender.

“Our burritos are so successful that we have people coming in at 4 in the morning,” Ironically at the beginning the restorer, before adding: “To the alleged thief who evidently had to make bad decisions in his life or who has money problems, I suggest you apply.”

“There are better opportunities than the path you have chosen”, assures. “Without a police officer, without a doubt,” he promised again. The boss left his cell phone number. No answer yet, but a neat publicity stunt. His post went viral.

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