The (good) fat = the best ally in infant feeding

Focus on an organic brand, willing to bring the best to babies

Quintesens is a committed and legitimate brand in the production of culinary oils. He was born in 2009, after a father realized the need to eat fat on his children’s plate. Eager to bring the best to the latter, he created a blend of oils organic for babies from 4 to 36 months. It is a true nutritional concentrate that contributes to good developmentbabyand his immune system. Designed by nutritionists and validated by pediatricians, is a mix of 5 oils complementary, each with interesting virtues for the little ones.

The importance of fat in the dietary diversification of babies

Fat often looks bad or tends to be demonized. Remember that our body needs “good” fats since our cells are composed Fat. Consuming it in a balanced and diversified diet is essential for the good development of the brain, heart and retina baby.
Duringe food diversification, the addition of lipids is essential for his good growth both on a nervous and psychomotor level. In this new stage of life, due to a slowdown in milk consumption maternal or adapted, the contribution in Omega-3 and DHA release.
So this is when you need to get all the essential fatty acids to your baby’s plate by adding a tablespoon of a good blend of oils.

In short, these essential fatty acids guarantee the correct development and have also an effect anti-inflammatory drugs for babies’ organs.It is important not Don’t ignore of this good fat for the good health of your baby.

What are the fats to favor?

It is advisable to focus on Monounsaturated fatty acids (AGMI) and Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). They concentrate all the Omega 3 and 6 that are mainly found in fatty fish (salmon, trout) and vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, rapeseed or even walnut oil.
Small precision, before any consumption of oils, pay close attention to peanut allergies if your little one is at risk.

Use a single oil does not allow meet all the essential fatty acid needs of the baby. Use various combinations of oils.
Quintesens Organic Baby Oil is convenient as the blend is meticulously dosed for you. make daily life easier. Ready to use, it concentrates a maximum of nutrients to meet its nutritional needs.

Once the diet has been diversified, it is essential to carefully select the fats that are given to the baby. In fact, they are not all the same. Butter, cream or olive oil, for example, will not provide babies with all the essential nutrients they need for their development.

Don’t limit “good” fat for babies and children in general

According to studies, from birth to 3 years, fat is believed to be almost 50% of energy intake (against 30% for adults). Your baby consumes fat from its first days through breast milk (better nutritional intake rich in AGS) or adapted milk now enriched in DHA.

Around 5-6 months, food diversification begins, then it is time to introduce a higher fat content as milk intake decreases.
In this age group, the ideal is to add 1 teaspoon of Quintesens oil blend to baby’s meals. It is imperative to favor extra virgin and organic oils.

What to remember in the dietary diversification of babies?

  • Adding “good fats” to each of your meals is essential for your baby’s growth – it’s an essential source of energy for your baby!
  • Vary the oils or opt for a ready-made mix for a balanced and diverse diet.
  • Avoid heating materials such as oils or butter, otherwise the nutrient content will not be at the maximum.
  • Prepare homemade and organic meals for your little one’s taste buds.

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