the gigantic carcass of a whale discovered south of Naples

The corpse of a mestandard whale was discovered on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, January 20 near Sorrento, in southern Italy, announced the Italian coast guard, for whom “it is probably about one of the largest “ever found in the Mediterranean.

Sorrento is a popular tourist destination located on the coast of about thirty miles south of Naples. The body of the mammal was sighted on Sunday, January 17, by coast guard divers, who had been alerted for the first time of the presence. of a smaller whale, which then disappeared.

The Coast Guard has towed the whale by sea to Naples, where she will be subjected to an autopsy by specialists in marine biology to try to explain the causes of her death.

Next to the port of Taiji, Japan, a whale has been trapped in fishing nets since December 25. Twelve days after being trapped, the cetacean showed signs of fatigue according to several observers. If it is not released quickly, it may well starve..

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