The Fortnite Venom Cup and the Million Dollar Super Cup in detail: What to expect

Epic Games is preparing for the biggest esports event of the season, one that includes a million dollar prize pool and all the fame that comes with victory. The event, called the Fortnite Marvel Super Cup, will take place on Monday after tomorrow’s Venom Cup; those who win will unlock Poison Skin before everyone else.

The It is an electronic game The Venom Cup will take place on November 18, giving eligible players a chance to unlock the Venom skin – plus you’ll win the Nexus Glider, as are the Ghost Rider and Black Window Cup events. The event is part of the Marvel Knockout Super Series and will also reward winners with early access to Venom’s expression, ax, and back.

Epic will give players two shots to unlock the skin early, with the second attempt arriving a few hours after the first on November 18. The competition will include the Marvel Knockout mode, a two-player mode where superheroes fight each other using different superpowers.

After the Venom Cup, Epic will hold a million dollar Super Cup on November 21 (this Saturday) to conclude the Marvel Super Series tournament. Assuming you are eligible, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a partner and compete for part of the prize pool.

The event will be a Battle Royale duo match with powers included, a cap of 200 per item, and only 20 items given upon removal. Target, Epic hints, Is the limitation of the building’s presence in the event.

If you are not participating, you will be able to watch the tournament live on Fortnite Twitch and YouTube accounts. If you want to compete, head over to the Competition tab in File It is an electronic game Click and choose the person you care about for the start times of the local event.

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