The Fortnite Predator crossover gets even more exciting with the Xenomorph Tease

Epic added Predator Skin to battle royale a few weeks ago, allowing players to battle it out as one of the most feared hunters in the universe. Now, based on a new leak and at least a teaser, it looks like the crossover will get more interesting with the potential addition of Xenomorph skin from the movie franchise. alien.

We knew a few days ago that Epic had another crossover appearance in the pipeline – game data miners recently found a symbol indicating a very large skin, which was previously used by Thanos during this apparently ancient crossover. Players speculated Thanos might return, but that may not actually be the case.

There is good reason to believe Xenomorph is trending It is an electronic game. The game’s official account recently shared another audio post in which Agent Jonesy says he is on board a “very ordinary spaceship,” a ship that also happens to be “working on technology that appears to be from 1986.”

This is the year Aliens, The second movie in the franchise. Epic previously revealed upcoming crossovers using this kind of hint – and in case it was still too vague, Agent Jonesy mentioned a burn in his chest, it might be heartburn but that clearly indicates Xenomorph.

The skin of the Xenomorph is expected to be large and come with an inner expression, most likely involving a secondary jaw emerging, revealing a smaller jaw with sharp teeth. It’s unclear when the skin will drop, but judging by Epic’s tweeting voice, it will be any day now.

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