The Fortnite leak sparks the return of Thanos as the ultimate hunter

Looks like Thanos has been dating It is an electronic game Battle Royale Island, at least based on a new leak, probably makes him the best hunter ever brought to the game dimension. The possible discovery was spied on by a game data miner in the latest update code, revealing an upcoming ‘XL’ appearance – a category that only applied to Thanos.

The term “hunter” denotes other thanIt is an electronic game Universe characters brought by Agent Johnsey to Battle Royale as part of this season’s storyline. A huge number of characters have been added this season, including everything from Mandalorian to Kratos, Predator, Terminator, zombie-killers, and more.

It’s been a long time since then It is an electronic game Players saw Thanos on the island, but it would make sense for him to return given this season’s theme. That might be the case, at least according to some game code that data miner Mang0e spied on Twitter:

Of course, that discovery alone isn’t enough to signal Thanos’ return – some very big characters could have been added to the game, though it’s hard to imagine which crossover might have a character that fits the bill. There is also a possibility that this character is not a cross; In fact, he might not even be a hunter.

Assuming this is another crossover, the odds are that the character will reach the in-game item store at some point. Alternatively, she may play a season finale, which gets closer every week. It’s hard to predict when Epic will introduce the character, but it probably won’t be long.

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