The Fortnite Crew Poll hints at big changes and new franchises

It appears that Epic Games is exploring an upgrade to the It is an electronic game A crew subscription which, at least based on a leaked survey, will add a number of new perks to the plan. Some players were on the new receiving end It is an electronic game Staff survey from Epic, asking them what kind of new franchises they might be interested in.

It is an electronic game Crew is a monthly subscription that gives players a new look every month, including a related backhand and pickaxe, plus 1,000 V-Bucks for use in the Item Shop. Subscribers also automatically receive the Seasonal Battle Pass. Whether that’s enough to justify the $ 11.99 / month price tag depends on how often you play it.

Screenshots from the survey were recently shared by iFireMonkey, a gaming data miner on Twitter. In these cards, players are asked to arrange the perks they want to see in order of interest.

These potential new additions are massive, including things like XP multiplier for Crew subscribers only, exclusive challenges and rewards, unlimited cloud-based replays, custom matchmaking features, and more.

Although the company has not made any formal changes to It is an electronic game Crew, the survey indicates that the company is exploring new franchises that may join existing offerings. Missing from the leak is any information about the potential price changes that might come with the changes.

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