the first vaccine passports were issued

The issue of vaccination passports divides the members of the European Union. However, Iceland issued its first vaccination “certificates” to facilitate travel for vaccinated people against the coronavirus, authorities said on Tuesday, January 26. Some 4,800 people who have received the two doses of the vaccine are currently eligible for these digital certificates, following the launch last Thursday of a dedicated online service, the Health Ministry told AFP.

“The objective is to facilitate the movement of people between countries, so that people can present a vaccination certificate during border controls and thus be exempt from restrictive border measures according to the standards of the country in question, “according to the Icelandic Ministry of Health. For holders, the usefulness of these certificates remains essentially theoretical for the time being as long as their value is not internationally recognized.

However, if implemented, Iceland plans Allow vaccine certificate holders to enter unchecked from member countries of the EU or the European Economic Area, or even those established by the World Health Organization (WHO). Iceland is not a member of the EU, but is part of the Schengen area of ​​free movement, now de facto restricted by numerous measures against the coronavirus.

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