The Fall Guys DOOM transition finally happened

Back at the beginning of December, Fall guys Developer Mediatonic is starting to excite a new crossover game with the death. While we initially thought DOOM crossovers were just around the corner, Mediatonic fell silent on it as it turned its attention toward the release of Season 3 and the start of the holiday events Fall guys. Fast forward to today and we’ve received confirmation that the death The crossover finally happened, with Mediatonic revealing three the death– Costumes that will be available.

Earlier in the day, Mediatonic posted the trailer you see included below. Trailer A. Fall guys The obstacle course that appears to have been controlled by the forces of Hell. At the end of the trailer we see three Fall guys The costumes that will be available to the players: DOOM Slayer himself, Cacodemon, and Cyberdemon.

Mediatonic also gave us the date these costumes will land in the game: January 12, which is next Tuesday. It is not known at this time if one of these outfits will be offered to all players for free, but we expect some of them – perhaps all of them – to only be available through the Crown Store. Previous crossover fashions cost a total of 10 crowns – 5 for the top half and 5 for the bottom.

So, if you don’t have crowns on hand to buy an outfit that you know you want next week, it might be time to start chasing down some of the game’s wins. Estee the death The crossover comes in the middle of Season 3, which is Winter. Season 3 officially started on December 15th, so we’re definitely still in the early days of this particular season.

Fall guys It has been home to a number of crossovers since its launch in August. We have seen My voice skin, Gate Skins Godzilla Skin, and even Skin based on the Twitch Ninja character. Soon, we will add the death To that ever-growing list, and then it’s time to start guessing which transition will be next.

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