The European Union is preparing to close the door to Japanese travelers amid the escalating coronavirus

European Union governments plan to remove Japan from the list of countries whose residents should be allowed to visit the bloc during the current phase of the Coronavirus pandemic, according to an EU official familiar with the matter.

The official said Tuesday that updating the “white list” of recommended travel in the European Union still excludes the United States and all other countries except for seven others, and asked not to be identified because the deliberations were confidential.

The removal of Japan as a result of the increase in HIV cases in the country leaves only Australia, China, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand as approved places of departure.

The next update of the European Union comes in the wake of the resurgence of Coronavirus cases in Europe itself, and envoys of member states are scheduled to ratify on Wednesday in Brussels, excluding any changes in the plan.

On July 1, the European Union recommended that member states allow foreign visitors from 15 countries as part of a move to ease coronavirus restrictions imposed in mid-March.

Since then, Serbia and Montenegro, Algeria, Morocco, Canada, Tunisia, Georgia and Uruguay have been deleted, and Singapore was added. The European Union usually revises its list about every two weeks, and the last change was in mid-December.

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