The Epic Games Store gets more social with the Party System

Games are no longer a solo activity, even if you are playing a single player game offline. Players have various ways of staying in touch with like-minded friends, primarily through voice or text group chats. While there are dedicated platforms like Discord for this, Epic Games wants to save its users from having to do extra work for it. This is why it will soon introduce a party system in the Epic Games Store to allow friends and players to gather around their favorite titles or matches.

This will not give your game a party system all of a sudden although you can definitely throw a party with others while playing the same game. This party system allows players to easily enter and exit these groups at any time, for example while waiting for a game that everyone will play or, when making a decision about it, to follow that in-game chat. In the latter case, there will be an in-game “team rendering” that can be turned on or off as needed, just like the overlay.

Whether or not a party system is what Epic Games Store users want is a different question but the feature hasn’t arrived yet anyway. What will be the desktop application Get this month It is a player card that allows you to manage your friend more easily as well as the “Do Not Disturb” status when you do not feel like being social. A thumbnail view is also available for when you still want to monitor social notifications without taking over the store’s browsing.

At the same time, Epic Games is not shy to remove features that it knows are not used often. Whispers is disappearing in the next update but the game developer warns that one day it will return with improved messaging functions.

The Epic Games Store is definitely developing its features to stand against the current giant that is Steam. However, there are some who still find its progress to be very slow and focus on things that may not interest players much compared to, for example, something like achievements and wishlists.

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