the embassy is unleashed against a French investigator

The escalation began from a tweet from the embassy on Friday, March 19, calling Antoine Bondaz, a researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS), a “small strike” for having denounced Chinese pressure on French MPs looking forward to traveling to taiwan.

Geopolitical experts and French elected officials then took up the defense of this specialist in China, in open conflict with the embassy for months (she prevented him from accessing his Twitter account). “Some people blame the Chinese embassy for ‘attacking’ an ‘independent investigator’. Actually … he is just an ideological troll,” the embassy replied Sunday on its website, accusing him of being pro-Taiwanese. He also attacked the “crazy hyenas” that “they wear the clothes of the investigators and the media and are furiously attacking China. “

The embassy has denied having gone beyond diplomatic practice, while some are demanding a strong gesture of protest from the French chancellery. Diplomacy is “defending the interests and image of one’s country,” he said. Antoine Bondaz once again denounced these outbreaks on Sunday, deploring “a feeling of total impunity” and “uninhibited rhetoric” from Chinese diplomacy abroad.

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