The Denver Public Schools Board begins an outside investigation into the sexual assault allegations of Tay Anderson

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The Denver School Board engaged an outside company to conduct a “thorough and independent fact-finding investigation” into allegations against school board member Tay Anderson, who was charged with sexual assault and other inappropriate behavior.

Black Lives Matter 5280 Issued a statement In late March, a woman told the group that Anderson had sexually assaulted her. The statement said the woman wished to remain anonymous. Black Lives Matter 5280 said the charges did not go through a “formal legal process,” but that the group is committed to “protecting and advancing black women and their beliefs, as it relates to sexual violence.”

Anderson, 22, has a He denied this claim, Over and over, “I never sexually assaulted anyone.” He said he welcomed a “full investigation” into the matter.

On Tuesday, the seven-member Denver School Board said it was “looking forward to an independent view of the facts.” The board has invited anyone wishing to contribute to the fact-finding process to email the company they have hired, the Denver-based Investigation Law Group.

“Our foremost commitment is to serve students, staff, and the Denver Public Schools community,” said the Board of Directors. “We want to provide a space for all members of our community to be heard, while also ensuring a fair process for all involved.”

A seven-member board of directors said Anderson was informed of and supported the investigation. The council said it would not make any further statements until the investigation was complete.

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