The dearMoon mission is looking for eight crew members for a trip to the moon in 2023

The dearMoon project is the first civilian mission to the moon, set to take place in 2023. The mission will use a rocket being developed by SpaceX for a week-long trip to the moon and back. In 2018, a Japanese businessman named Yusaku Maezawa bought all eight seats on the missile.

Maezawa said he wanted to give as many talented individuals as possible the opportunity to travel on the missile. MaeZawa Advertise This month, he intends to select eight crew members from around the world, and has set out a road map for anyone who wants to make the journey. Pre-registration must be completed by March 14 at 6:59 PDT.

Each person who pre-registers for the assignment will receive an email regarding the selection process. The second step in the process is the initial check which will be completed by Mar 21 at 6:59 PST. The third step is the appointment, the fourth step is an online interview, and the fifth step will be a final interview and medical examination to be conducted in late May 2021.

Astronauts will fly on the first civilian mission to the moon aboard the SpaceX Starship spacecraft that has been under test. Currently, the Starship is not ready for a mission with the spacecraft prototypes crashing on several occasions during testing. SpaceX designed the spacecraft to transport people and cargo to the moon.

The spacesuits worn by the astronauts on the mission were designed by SpaceX, with each suit specifically designed to provide a pressurized environment for the crew members on board the spacecraft in low pressure. Space suits also support communications and cooling systems during flight. There is no cost associated with the task for those selected; The scholarship pre-registration page can be found Here.

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