The “data” issue halted trading in Sydney’s leading stock market

The Australian Stock Exchange display board lights up prices as the market opens in Sydney last Monday. (AP photo)

Sydney: Trading in Sydney’s leading ASX stock market was halted for a long time on Monday, as operators tried to fix “market data woes”.

The problems began shortly after opening trading for the week, causing the market to pause as ASX said it was investigating the cause.

“ASX apologizes for the disruption and is working to correct the problem as soon as possible,” a spokesman told AFP.

It was not immediately clear what caused the suspension, but an update of the trading platform was due to start running on Monday, after nearly a year of consultations and rehearsals.

There was no immediate indication of a cyber attack.

Earlier this year, the New Zealand stock market was battered by what was believed to be an external cyberattack that disrupted trading for several days.

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