The crash of Indonesia is prompting the rehabilitation of the country’s airlines

“Captain Avoan was a very experienced pilot,” said Coco Indra Perdana, a pilot for Lion Air who was flying with Sriwijaya. “I believe in his skills.”

The Captain Affwan model, the 737-500 Series, is a time-tested workhorse without glaring systemic flaws. Aviation analysts said the plane that crashed on Saturday was 26 years old, an age that requires regular maintenance to keep the plane in top flight condition. The monsoon rains delayed the trip on Saturday.

Industry insiders said Sriwijaya was only flying about a quarter of its fleet during the pandemic. Organizers have warned about that Some Boeing 737 models You may need to check them for potential air valve wear if not flying weekly.

“We don’t know the status of the plans after they have been stalled for several months,” Captain Coco said.

Mr. Mohamed, the nephew of Captain Afwan, said that his family had not received any specific news about the fate of the flight. He described his uncle as a “role model” who was “always smiling.”

Joined by Captain Avoan in the cockpit is co-pilot Diego Mamahait, who has served in Sriwijaya as Senior Senior Officer for nearly six years, according to his LinkedIn profile. (The carrier has not released any general details of the flight crew or plane, except to say the Boeing aircraft is in “good condition”).

“I really love to travel and enjoy my duties in operating Boeing 737s on all domestic routes in Indonesia,” wrote Mr. Mamahit on LinkedIn. “I have also seen many beautiful cities and stunning scenery on many Indonesian islands.”

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