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A second Republican from West Virginia, who walked to the US Capitol to support the heart of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory, said in a radio interview Monday that he hoped that “President Donald Trump will contact us.”

State Senator Mike Azinger told the broadcaster that the pro-Trump crowds were “inspiring and patriotic.”

“I think the president defined the purpose of the mission,” he added, speaking to West Virginia Metro News. The aim was to pressure Republican members of Congress to challenge the electoral votes.

Azinger was among more than a dozen lawmakers from at least nine states who joined the crowds that landed in Washington last Wednesday to support the unfounded claim that the election was stolen. Only one legislator has been known to have entered the Capitol and has since been charged with a crime and resigned. Others said they participated peacefully.

It was unclear how far Azinger marched to the Capitol on that day. However, he described the scene in the Capitol as “peaceful” and described seeing crowds waving flags and people sitting on the steps of the Capitol, away from the original security perimeter that was quickly overrun by rioters.

“Our president called us to Washington, DC,” said Azinger, who did not return an email seeking comment. “I hope he will contact us.”

The FBI is warning of the risk of armed protests in all 50 state capitals and in Washington in the days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, which has resulted in tightened security.

“I hope and pray to God that the people of West Virginia have good judgment in what they do,” Jim Justice said of the potential for violent protests outside his home state. I am sure there will be (a) high alert. “

In Northern Virginia, two Loudon County officials on Monday called on the state of Del Dev Larroque to resign for joining the crowds last Wednesday in Washington. LaRoc said last week that the protesters were peaceful except for “a small element that may have infiltrated this national group for the purpose of inciting violence.”

He and two other Republican lawmakers in Virginia sent a letter last Tuesday to Vice President Mike Pence asking him to nullify the presidential election results in Virginia, a state that Biden won by 10 percentage points.

Fremont County Republican Ron Hanks (charity)

Elsewhere, featured Colorado State Representative Ron HanksA Republican from Fremont County, told a local radio station last week that he arrived to attend a Trump rally at Ellipse outside the White House early Wednesday morning from the violence. The president used the occasion to urge supporters to “fight hard”.

Hanks said he walked with his supporters to the U.S. Capitol afterward. He said, “I was a little surprised to see people actually on scaffolding, with a Trump flag, etc.” Radio Heart of the Rocky Mountains in Salida.

“From the point of view of violence, two of us went to the back of the building, where the next meeting was supposed to take place, and by that time people had already entered the building,” he said.

Azinger blamed far-left elements on social media for misrepresenting a “substantial American” presentation of the first amendment on January 6. The Associated Press has reported that more than 120 people either face criminal charges or have been identified in the riots. Fans are enthusiastic about Trump, not left-wing activists.

“I have people on Facebook, they send a picture of me with my kids outside the Capitol. They’re sending it to the FBI to try to handcuff me,” Azinger said.

Derek Evans resigned from West Virginia last Saturday, a day after he was accused by federal prosecutors of entering the US Capitol. He broadcast himself with a crowd of Trump supporters. His resignation letter stated that he bears full responsibility for his actions and that he regrets “any harm, pain or embarrassment that may have caused it.”

If found guilty, he faces up to a year and a half in federal prison for two misdemeanors counts of entering a restricted area and disorderly conduct.


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