the closure of the border with the United States extended for one month

In the context of the Covid health crisis, The Canadian authorities have announced the one-month extension of the closure of the border between the United States and Canada. A restriction that applies to all non-essential travel between the two countries.

“Non-essential travel restrictions have been extended until March 21, 2021,” Public Security Minister Bill Blair announced on Twitter on Friday, February 19. Certain cross-border crossings will remain authorized : trade in goods and merchandise, and trips considered essential.

On the other hand, health instructions governing travel to Canada will be strengthened as of next week. Starting Monday, anyone traveling to Canada will be required to self-quarantine at hotels upon arrival, pending mandatory PCR testing.

The White House has kept its borders closed since March with its two North American free trade partners, Canada and Mexico. A closure that has always been extended since then, due to the spread of the virus that has already claimed nearly 500,000 victims in the United States. Across the border 21,000 coronavirus patients have died, according to official Canadian data.

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