The CDC warns against Thanksgiving travel as Covid-19 cases soar

3 of the New York Giants footballers were sacked due to positive tests

three New York Giants test She has a positive For Covid-19, NFL The team announced on Friday.

The giants did not immediately recognize the players, but the team said they were “notified immediately to self-isolate, and contact tracing is underway”.

The team has no game this weekend and will be back to work a week after Sunday, to travel to Play Cincinnati Bengals.

According to South Australian Premier Stephen Marshall, an individual lied to contact trackers for six days in South Australia.

Marshall said, “To say that I feel angry about this individual’s actions is an absolute understatement.”

He went on to say that they were still trying to locate the thousands of people who might have been in contact at Woodville Pizza Bar in Adelaide.

Stanford College passes a resolution condemning Scott Atlas

Stanford University faculty issued a decision Thursday evening condemning Dr. Scott Atlas, chief medical advisor to President Donald Trump, over the coronavirus pandemic.

The solution, Introduced by members of the College’s Senate Steering Committee and approved by 85 percent of senators, outline six actions Atlas has taken that “reinforce the view of Covid-19 that is inconsistent with medical science.”

They wrote: “Atlas’ contempt for established medical knowledge violates medical ethics.” “His statements harm Stanford’s reputation and academic standing.”

Atlas posted on Twitter on Sunday that residents of Michigan It must “rise” after the ruler New restrictions issued. Earlier he tweeted false information about wearing masks.

After receiving calls with Covid, Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller will not be fired

Two people tested positive for coronavirus after close contact with Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, who will not self-isolate as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to a Pentagon spokesman.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said in a statement that Anthony Tata, the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday and twice since.

Tata was tested because the Lithuanian embassy informed the Pentagon that its defense minister, Raymondas Karoblis, had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Karublis visited the Pentagon over several days last week, meeting with Miller, Tata and Secretary of the Navy Kenneth Braithwaite.

Pentagon spokesperson Miller and the others will not isolate themselves:

“Because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 mitigation guidelines were followed during the acting secretary’s bilateral meeting with the secretary, as well as meetings with Mr. Tata, Acting Secretary of Defense Miller is not imposing quarantine,” the Pentagon said.

The United States passes 190,000 new cases of COVID-19 every day

More than 193,000 people reported new Covid-19 infections in the United States on Thursday, a new record. Provincial and state health departments across the country have reported 1,945 deaths.

According to a NBC News tally, the number of cases has passed 100,000 for more than two weeks now. Last week, an average of 165,665 cases were confirmed per day, more than doubling the 80,669 daily average that the US average had four weeks ago.

Several records were set on Thursday statewide:

  • Iowa reported 39 Covid-19 deaths, equaling the record set the day before.
  • Kentucky has reported 3,637 cases
  • Maryland has had 2,912 cases
  • Died 72 in Minnesota
  • 28 deaths in Nebraska
  • 2,416 cases in Nevada
  • 528 cases in New Hampshire
  • 4,491 new cases in New Jersey
  • 3,665 cases in New Mexico
  • Oregon reported 20 dead
  • Vermont has reported 149 new cases
  • Wyoming has reported 21 deaths

Track storms across states.

The governor says he needs to test negative before heading to Hawaii

HONOLULU – Anyone traveling to Hawaii will be required to have a negative Covid-19 test result before leaving for the state, with the new rule going into effect two days before Thanksgiving, Gov. David Ige announced Thursday.

So far, travelers traveling to the islands using a pre-departure test program have been allowed access and then upload their negative test results to a government database, allowing them to skip two weeks of quarantine.

Hong Kong suspends in-person lessons for some students for two weeks

Hong Kong – Hong Kong has suspended personal classes for lower elementary school students after the city’s chief health official said the territory’s coronavirus situation is deteriorating rapidly.

Classes for Elementary students 1 to 3 will be suspended for two weeks starting Monday. The suspension comes just over a week after orders were issued to close nurseries in the wake of an outbreak of upper respiratory infections.

Hong Kong confirmed 26 new cases of coronavirus on Friday, 21 of which were domestic.

“I would like to appeal to people to stop all unnecessary gathering activities because the situation is now dangerous in Hong Kong,” said Health Minister Sophia Chan.

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