The Boeing Starliner crew capsule was delayed after it was damaged during testing

Boeing suffered another setback en route to using the Starliner to put humans into space.The next test flight of the Starliner crew capsule was delayed no later than April 2. The delay comes on the heels of replacing the capsule with the avionics due to an increase in power during an earlier test.

the test The second orbital flight test mission will be to verify that the spacecraft is ready to take astronauts into orbit later this year. Boeing and NASA released a joint statement last week stating that the mission has been delayed from March 25 to April 2, by a maximum. This is an eight-day delay, and the statement indicated that it was due to an increase in energy during the final clouds of a spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The technicians were able to successfully swap the avionics affected by the power surge. Boeing says it continues to ensure the safety of its spacecraft and address emerging issues in a timely manner. NASA spoke directly about the power surge and its causes, noting that it was caused by “a problem in configuring ground support equipment.”

Boeing and NASA are steadily moving forward, as the spacecraft prepares for its last official test flight before carrying astronauts. Last month, the Starliner crew unit and service unit merged together. The spacecraft has also been placed in a different area of ​​the facility so that it can be loaded with fuel.

Boeing is also preparing to test Starliner’s hardware and software. This will be a comprehensive test simulating the entire Starliner mission from launch to docking with the International Space Station. The simulation will also include unbundling by landing. Orbital Flight Test 2 is a repeat of the original December 2019 test, which encountered a software problem that prevented the capsule from docking with the International Space Station. Unable to dock with the space station, the spacecraft had to return to Earth prematurely.

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