the body of a missing woman identified, a police officer accused

It is a case that arouses great emotion in the United Kingdom. On March 3, Sarah Everard, 33, visited friends in Clapham, south London, and was on her way to her home in Brixton, about a 50-minute walk away. when he disappeared around 9:30 pm On Wednesday, the body of the victim was discovered in a forest. This body was formally identified on Friday and a police officer Wayne Couzens, 48, has been charged, the London Metropolitan Police said.

The prosecution confirmed in a statement that the suspect had been charged “for kidnapping and murder “. Wayne Couzens, who will be brought before a judge on Saturday, was arrested on Tuesday night in Kent (south-eastern England), where he lives and where the victim’s body was discovered.

The police officer accused of the murder is also suspected of sexual exhibition. Seizure, the Police (IOPC) said on Thursday that it would determine if the Police had dealt with these events in a “proper” manner, which would have taken place in a London fast food restaurant on February 28, a few days before the disappearance of Sarah Everard. .

Strong emotion in the UK

Quoted in a police statement, the victim’s family described a “strong” young woman, “playful and beautiful”, “kind and loving”. Wayne Couzens joined the London Police in September 2018. Since February 2020, he was part of an armed and uniformed unit responsible for protecting embassies and other diplomatic representations, police said.

The case raised strong emotion in the UK. On Thursday, Representative Jess Phillips read in the House of Commons the names of 118 women killed in the country last year. In a tweet, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told himself “shocked and saddened” for this case, and asked “to work quickly to find all the answers to this horrible crime.”

The associations have called several vigils on Saturday in memory of Sarah Everard. But police warned the gatherings would be illegal due to health restrictions, and organizers took a chance. a fine of £ 10,000 (11,600 euros).

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