The best fitness wearable look under $ 60

Imilab KW66 is a brand new fitness wearable device. Imilab KW66 is similar to a typical smartwatch, features 13 different sports tracking modes, and promises a battery life of up to 30 days.

I put the KW66 through the steps to see how good it really is. But before we get into the review, let’s first get a little bit of background about IMILAB.

KW66 AH HR Introduction

IMILAB is the Internet of Things company focused on smart devices in Xiaomi’s environmental series. The Xiaomi Ecological Chain Foundation is an independent entity but with an investment from Xiaomi. However, it is not a subsidiary of Xiaomi. Xiaomi does not control the companies over this project. But she is deeply involved in product design and quality control. Each company in the Xiaomi Eco-Chain focus on different product areas.

We’ve all heard of Huami which is a fitness-focused wearable brand within the Xiaomi Eco-Chain Foundation. Justin Diaz recently reviewed Band 5. This is IMILAB’s entry into the fitness-focused wearable market. Let me just say this, it really looks sleeker and more classy than the suggested MSRP.

I know now that it looks like a smartwatch and it’s even classified as a smartwatch. But it doesn’t support Google Maps, Spotify, or … well, I get the idea. So if you are looking for an Android smartwatch you should take a look at WearOS watches or Samsung’s Galaxy line. But on the other hand, if you’re looking for a fitness wearable round with a great battery life of under $ 60, the KW66 is an interesting proposition.

Open the tray Imilab KW66

The retail packaging is very simple, yet very good. For a budget device, I thought the packaging looked too expensive. Inside the package is the watch, protected by a foam opening. Below is a charging cable and a multilingual guide. Since there is no power brick, you need to provide it. The recommended charging voltage is 5 volts, so any charging brick with an output of 5 watts works. In my case, I used the Amazon Basics 5W shipping brick.

Designed and built by Emilab KW66

I like the round look along with the matte finish on the metallic zinc alloy case. There is one button on the right side that activates the device or helps you return to the home screen. The review unit features a black silicone strap that resembles a traditional watch strap. Thank goodness for this. I’m definitely not a fan of the clasp-type straps that are a clone of the ones Apple makes for its smartwatches.

KW66 AH HR hand strap 1

There are 14 holes on the watch strap allowing for a comfortable fit on the wrist. Plus, the two loops help keep the tape in place well. This allows immobilisation during physical activities and fairly accurate heart rate monitoring.

KW66 AH HR StrapLint1

One problem is that the tape tends to catch lint and dirt easily and is difficult to wipe away. Took about 5 minutes to clean enough for the photo in the review.

KW66 AH HR wrist 1

The device is a bit larger but looks good even on my average sized wrists. The bezels are at a larger size (5mm) and the 3D curved glass doesn’t help in this particular situation.

KW66 AH HR StrapPin1

I also love how easy it is to swap the tape even though it uses pins instead of magnets. It should have 4 colors – black, silver, pink, and green. So there should be a lot of color options available along with the ability to switch watch straps easily.

The screen is very bright

KW66 AH HR screen

The screen is bright and colorful. The outside visibility is surprisingly good especially given the price. But don’t peek, please. Because although the screen is bright and sharp-looking when viewed over a foot away once the watch is about 6-8 inches away from your face, you can easily see the pixels.

There is no microphone or speaker so keep that in mind. The vibration motor on this machine is great especially at this price point.

Overall, it is a fairly comfortable device to wear on a daily basis. A relatively modern and informal design, along with an IP68 rating, a metal frame with a matte finish, and a 3D curved screen. With all these features, the KW66 offers a lot of value for money considering its price is comparable to some of the regular fitness bands.

Using KW66

It has a button on the right side to turn on / off the device with a long press. While it will one click or return to the home page depending on what you are trying to do. Navigation is possible by swiping up, down, left, or right. Scrolling up displays notifications. You can continue to scroll up until you reach the end of the notifications and tap ‘Clear All’ to clear the notifications. Scrolling down will adjust brightness, display mode, find your phone, or settings. You can also check battery life in this view.

Swiping to the left takes you to the various functions possible with the device – training, heart rate, activity status, sleep mode, stopwatch, and messages. You can click each icon to access that specific option. Pressing the side button will take you back to the list and another one will take you home.

Swiping to the right shows your activity status, heart rate, sleep details, training, and music controls. Note that 4 of these 5 options can also be accessed by swiping left and clicking on the icon in the menu. Oddly enough, you can only access the stopwatch with the left swipe and the music controls with the right swipe. The only exception is the messages which can be accessed by left swiping and clicking or by just swiping from the main screen which is easier in my view. Note that notifications in Message View are not interactive. They just let you know you have a notification. To get more information or details, you will need to view the actual application (Gmail, Twitter, etc.) on your smartphone.

A long press on the home screen allows you to change monitoring interfaces on the go. However, there are only 6 monitor interfaces saved in addition to the monitor interfaces you are currently using in memory. If you want a different wallpaper from the available seven options, you need to change it via the app. More on operating the application in the next section.

There are 4 levels of brightness and I haven’t had any issues with the brightness level even in the outside sun. Glass can be easily smeared with fingerprints but this is not much different from other wearables. The kinematic reactions of the shiny engine were especially appropriate considering the price of this wearable device.

Connect via bluetooth

In terms of connectivity, the KW66 connects to your phone via Bluetooth 5.0. It contains a heart rate sensor and an accelerometer. Unfortunately if you want GPS or altimeter, these are not available. However, the watch does well for looking at the time, checking movement activity levels, basic notifications, and tracking heart / sleep rate.

Speaking of notifications, they do not overlap and you can read them individually, even if several messages arrive from the same conversation. For large messages, you can only view them partially and of course you cannot view pictures or hear audio messages. Music control is basic, play / pause, skip but hey, it’s better than nothing.

KW66 and Glory Fit app

KW66 AH HR Application 1

To setup KW66, you need to download Glory Fett The app from Google Play Store Or iOS App Store. Once the application is installed, pairing is very easy with the KW66. During the initial setup, you can customize your profile (gender, age, weight, and height) to ensure the correct activity measurements. You can see that the app tries to pick and choose menus / settings from Xiaomi MiFit and Amazfit apps. While not the best, it does have decent functionality.

The home page displays data for target activity, heart rate, and sleep. Next is the Sports page where you can see a summary of your most recent physical activity. An additional click shows the latest activity details in terms of time, steps, calories burned, and heart rate.

The device page is what allows you to tweak the various elements of the clock setting to your individual preferences. The first is the dial setting that lets you choose clock wallpaper including creating your own clock screen with a picture from your gallery. After that, you can choose to turn on various functions like heart rate monitoring, call reminder, app reminder (notifications or messages), sedentary reminder, alarm, hand raising to activate display, and DND. The app reminder setting is where you choose which apps can notify you from a list – not all of your apps will be supported.

General settings include things like changing the time on the screen (default is 5 seconds very low), choosing the device’s language, and the time system 12 hours versus 24 hours. There is also a SMS reminder – the watch vibrates when you receive a text message and a bracelet finder. Finally, there is the shake to take a photo that I found too extraneous and prone to being photographed with the slightest movement of my wrist.

The firmware upgrade checks to see if the hardware is up to date. Thankfully, the KW66 didn’t need any firmware updates. To find the current firmware on the device, swipe down from the house, choose Settings, click on Information, and match the version with the firmware displayed in the app. You can also wipe the data with a simple click and unlink the watch from the app before you recycle it.

The last screen is “Me” where you enter personal information and set up exercise routines and goals for the targeted activity. You can also set up background activity and third-party access permissions (currently limited to WeChat Sports). System settings are buried in this list which is counterintuitive in my opinion. So if you want to use the British unit system, you need to have the Me list to change everything to miles by kilometers.

Sensors and drills


Imilab KW66 has a heart rate sensor at the back which is capable of continuous heart rate monitoring. This is especially useful when you are trying to track your training or training routines. Speaking of workouts, the watch is capable of tracking 13 sporting activities.

I love running in the fresh air and long walks. For the most part, the KW66 works just like my daily activity tracker which happens to be an Apple Watch 4. The side-by-side comparison results show that the heart rate sensor is fairly accurate and averages within 5 bpm than what my AW4 shows. . But the distance and calories burned cannot be tied to any stretch of the imagination. My readings show 10% less distance to travel during outdoor activities. In general during the day as well, this error was much greater. The difference in calories burned was approximately 50% less with KW66 compared to AW4.

I haven’t used the sleep tracking function because I usually don’t like wearing a device while sleeping.

The battery life on Imilab KW66 is simply amazing

KW66 AH HR battery 1

The battery on board is fairly large 340 mAh. Imilab claims 27 days with light use, 15-16 days for average use, and 7 days with heart rate monitoring and notifications turned on. The last scenario is similar to my use case. Over the last 6 days, the battery drain was only 25%. This is one area where this wearable is much better than my AW4.

To charge the KW66, you need to use the included charging cable. On the bright side, you don’t need to charge this device very often. Battery life is very excellent on this wearable device.

Charging the watch is easy with the special cable with magnetic pogo pins. If you lose the order, don’t worry because you can easily find alternatives on Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. I have no idea the time to fully charge because I usually leave the watch to charge overnight.

Imilab KW66 is a beautiful fitness tracker / hybrid smartwatch

In conclusion, Imilab KW66 is a good looking fitness tracker smartwatch / hybrid, at a price just above the average fitness range. The KW66 offers good looking, bright screen, and notifications via a decent vibration motor, IP68 waterproof body, and long battery life. So if you are just looking for a fitness tracker but want it to be just like a traditional watch, the KW66 is a neat and smart choice.

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