The 8am news – Spain: the tourism sector in crisis, unemployment soars

The third wave of Covid was fatal in the workplace in Spain. Unemployment, which was already high, reached record levels: 16% in December. The tourism sector is particularly affected, everything is paralyzed. In Barcelona, ​​on the world famous avenue de las Ramblas, there is hardly any activity anymore.

At his newsstand and souvenir kiosk, Sergio Castro is one of the few merchants on the Ramblas who has not lowered the curtain. But had to lay off three employees, and the other six are still working short-time. “We went from a street always full of people to an empty street. Here, the businesses are almost all closed, we will not survive, “he laments. Xavi, forty years old, worked in the organization of international events. First partial strike since March, finally comes to be fired:”I haven’t worked for a year and we have no vision, no concrete hope that activity will resume. “

In Spain, companies have benefited from credits and load reductions but little direct help, an error according to Joan Rovira, from the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. “The State has not compensated companies directly, it has not compensated them to save them for the benefit of all. Many tourism companies have closed to the detriment of the population ”, he explains. In Barcelona and Spain, we expect a resumption of activity for the summer, hoping for the vaccination passport.

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