The 8am news – Brazil: Lula dreams of presidential elections after the annulment of his sentences

This is news that has given hope to the Brazilian left. The previous president Lula has had all his corruption convictions overturned by a Supreme Court judge. He even regains his political rights, giving him the opportunity to run for president in one year.

Lula would then be 76 years old and would propose a clash in a duel against Jair Bolsonaro. He is seen as the only one who can defeat him in a country divided and fractured since the far-right president came to power. Already in 2018, before his incarceration, he was considered the only rival capable of preventing Bolsonaro from reaching the supreme position.

The charges against Lula have been completely questioned. The court that convicted him was found to have no jurisdiction. There were already doubts about this procedure, the prosecutor who carried out the process at the time later became Jair Bolsonaro’s Minister of Justice.

Lula is not acquitted and could be tried again after a new procedure, but he can consider the presidential election in a year, even with a sword of Damocles over his head.

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