The 6 pm news – Wild party in Val-de-Marne: a “criminal act”, says the mayor of Joinville

The clandestine party in Joinville-Le-Pont (Val-de-Marne) that took place on the night of Friday to Saturday 14 November continues to attract unanimous condemnations. In question, the violence that erupted after the intervention of the police and positive coronavirus screening of one of the 300 participants.

“We were informed of the existence of parties since August,” explained the mayor of the town. Olivier Dosne said that the national police had been notified. The complaint “flaws at the top of the department, even at the highest level of the State “when no investigation had been carried out.

The mayor is waiting “exemplary sanctions“after this fact” which, according to common sense, should never have happened. “Meanwhile, Olivier Dosne announced that the complaints will be filed later.”this criminal act where there could be deaths at the end of the chain. “First, for” endangering the lives of others “, then for the establishment’s failure to declare to the City Council, and finally a complaint for” image damage “to the city.

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