the 500,000 dead mark crossed, but there is reason to hope

Even if they knew this number was going to be reached, Americans are shocked by this milestone: 500,000 dead. This is the number of American victims linked to the coronavirus. 500,071 yesterday when Joe Biden delivered his speech at the White House. Flag at half mast, 500 candles had been placed at the level of the south lawn, to symbolize the 500,000 Americans who died.

Throughout the day, television channels broadcast testimonies from relatives of the victims. A CNN host collapsed following testimony from a father whose wife died of coronavirus just after giving birth to their son.

1 in 5 deaths on the planet is American, when the country represents 5% of the world’s population. To realize this, comparisons are made. Joe Biden recalled that more than American soldiers were killed in action in WWI and WWII and the Vietnam War … Combined 500,000 people are close to the population of Atlanta or Sacramento.

44 million Americans have received a dose of vaccine

Striking figures. But Americans have reason to be hopeful at this point. There are encouraging elements, as hospitalizations and the number of deaths are beginning to decline. On average over the last two weeks the death toll is reduced by a third. During the peak in early January, we reached up to 4,000 deaths per day … We are more on average in 2,000 deaths daily.

The main hope, of course, is the vaccine. The first doses were distributed on December 14, two months and a week ago. 44 million people have been vaccinated (received at least one dose)… plus 13% of the population. About 20 million have received the so-called complete vaccination, that is, they have received both doses.

About 1.5 million doses are administered each day. There has been a small delay in recent days due to the cold snap, but the rate of distribution and vaccination is returning to normal. The Biden administration hopes to reach 3 million. The end of summer here is believed to be a reasonable time for everyone to get vaccinated.

The fear of loitering on spring break

Encouraging signs but the authorities do not want to generate too much optimism. And I warn that they are going to be difficult months. Yes, the danger is that there is a premature release. For example, authorities fear the effects of Spring break, In two weeks. It’s that lazy week, when thousands of students gather to have fun, especially in Florida.

The numbers are encouraging, but America is starting very, very high.
And as in France, the increase in variants is worrying. Trials are already underway to tailor vaccines. In particular, the South African variant.

So when will it come back to life sooner? The question is asked every day. According to Dr. Fauci, this summer life could start to seem normal. So it certainly conjures up the upcoming Christmas holidays.

The country will smile again Joe Biden said, in the United States, as in France.
But the United States will not be able to erase this sad record, that of being the most affected in the world.

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