Thailand pushes farmers to grow ‘profitable’ hemp

Thailand is promoting hemp as a cash crop for the country’s farmers as another source of income, a senior official said on Sunday.

“Everyone has the right to cultivate marijuana by partnering with county hospitals for medical use,” said Deputy Government spokeswoman Trasoli Traysoranacol, adding that those interested must also obtain approval from the authorities.

“So far, 2,500 families and 251 provincial hospitals have grown 15,000 hemp plants,” she said. “We hope hemp and hemp will be an essential cash crop for farmers.”

Others that may obtain licenses to grow cannabis include universities, community organizations, medical professionals, and traditional medicine professionals.

The announcement comes after Thailand last year removed some certain parts of cannabis and hemp from its drug list.

It can also be used in foods and beverages in restaurants, as long as it comes from a certified product, Trasoli said, adding that the Medical Marijuana Institute will hold briefings for investors and the public this month.

The state pharmaceutical company, the State Medicines Organization, said it will buy cannabis from approved community organizations for up to 45,000 baht (US $ 1,500) per kilogram, for those with 12% CBD (CBD).

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