Terraria returns to the port of Google Stadia to the pipeline after a tough start

Previously canceled Terraria A port for game streaming service from Google Stadia is back in preparation. The decision comes after an apparent compromise between co-creator Andrew Spinks and Google, which dealt with his Google accounts and eventually restored them. We don’t yet know when Terraria It will arrive on Google Stadia, however.

In case you missed the drama the first time, here’s the short version: Terraria Co-author Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks took to Twitter to announce that his Google account had been disabled for more than three weeks for reasons he did not know.

After using each resource I have to solve this problem [Google] They did nothing but give me escape. ” Spinks noted that losing the accounts means it also lost Drive data, 15-year Gmail data, YouTube’s Re-Logic account, and thousands of dollars in Play Store apps.

Spinks told Google to “look [this bridge] Burning, indicating that Terraria As a result, the port of Stadia was canceled. The announcement tweet was released on February 8th. Now, after two weeks, everything appears to be resolved and the decision has been reversed.

at new update About the game in Terraria The forum, it was revealed that “Google finally reached out and was able to provide a great deal of transparency about the situation and regain access to all of our accounts”. For this reason, and due to the work already being put into place, the team decided that the game would start on Google Stadia.

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