TCL is also jumping on the Google TV bandwagon

At CES 2021, TCL owns the Advertise It also jumps onto the Google TV bandwagon. This comes after Sony announced last week that Google TV will provide all 2021 TVs.

TCL hasn’t provided much information about Google TV, but it appears that all of its lines of Android TV devices will have a Google TV in 2021. According to its press release, “TCL Google TVs will combine TCL’s industry-leading display technologies, such as Mini-LED, 8 kg And QLED, with the new entertainment experience from Google, to help users discover and access the content they love with amazing accuracy on the latest TCL screens more easily than ever before.

So it looks like we’ll get more than just mid-range TVs on Google TV – while Android TV was mostly on TCL’s mid-range TVs.

“We are excited to partner with TCL to bring Google TV to customers around the world. Google TV is a more informative and enjoyable TV experience that helps users find the content they love,” said Shobana Radhakrishnan, Chief Engineering Officer at Google TV.

When can I get TCL Google TV?

As mentioned earlier, TCL or Google said a lot about the availability or pricing of TCL Google TV devices. But expect it to be available in the coming months. Prices are similar to their Roku counterparts.

These TVs still run Android TV. The new thing here is Google TV, which is actually just a “look” on top of Android TV, basically. Google TV offers a more intuitive home screen. And it gives you an easier way to find something to watch, without opening different apps to see what’s available.

Google TV also integrates with YouTube TV, so you can watch the live TV guide on your home screen, along with what’s in the DVR. Which makes it really impressive and useful to YouTube TV subscribers.

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