Tapioca and its health benefits

Very nutritious and gluten-free, the tapioca flour it is an interesting substitute for wheat. With a neutral flavor, tapioca is used in cooking to replace rice or to prepare sweet and savory dishes. For breakfast you eat very well with Milk. Tapioca is also found in cocktails, puddings or tapioca dessert As the coconut milk tapioca crumble. Delicious, tapioca is also beneficial for health. Discover its virtues.

What is tapioca?

the tapioca It is a white starch extracted from yucca, a shrub belonging to the euphorbiaceae family. A legendary ingredient in South American cuisine, it was originally known as “tipiak “. Tapioca is obtained by extracting the starchy liquid from the cassava root which is then evaporated to leave only a powder of tipiac. Appearing near the japan pearl, tapioca is presented in the form of small white balls 3 mm in diameter. Also, Japanese pearls and tapioca are often placed in the same department in supermarkets. Sometimes we even call tapioca the “pearl of Japan.” However, Japanese pearl differs from tapioca in two ways:

  • comes from the trunk of the sago palm tree,
  • its shape is much more regular than tapioca.


Also, tapioca starch and cassava starch they are often confusing. While tapioca is derived from the starchy liquid of cassava, cassava starch is made from its ground root.

Tapioca is rich in carbohydrates. It is also an interesting source of protein, fiber, and iron. Caloric, 100 g of tapioca give you 130 calories and:

  • 87.8 g of carbohydrates,
  • 0.19 g of protein,
  • 0.9 g of fiber,
  • 0.02 g of lipids,
  • 1.58 mg iron

What are the benefits of tapioca?

the tapioca flour it has the advantage of not containing gluten. It is widely used by people with gluten intolerance in cooking and baking recipes. next to tapioca gluten it is easy to digest. Its high carbohydrate content allows rapid and healthy weight gain. People who want to gain weight after illness can rely on a tapioca recipe to ignore saturated fat.

thetapioca starch It is also appreciated for its astringent, digestive and emollient properties. It is especially recommended in case of poor digestion or intestinal problems. Its high fiber content helps regulate intestinal transit, avoid constipation and calm bloating.

Apart from that, a study of tapioca by the University of Newcastle demonstrated its effect on cancer. TO tapioca seed It actually contains linamarin, a substance that kills cancer cells by converting it to hydrogen cyanide. Tapioca also helps in the prevention of anemia. By supplying the body with a sufficient amount of iron, it stimulates the creation of red blood cells in the blood. Thus, it keeps cells in good health. By containing potassium, which is a vasodilator, it improves blood circulation by reducing blood pressure, preventing the formation of blood clots.

A true source of vitamin K, iron and calcium, tapioca starch it is excellent for growing children. Its consumption helps to strengthen bones and ensures their development. This food is also recommended for the elderly as it helps to keep the bones in good mass. Also, tapioca contributes to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, the vitamin K it contains stimulates active and compromised neural pathways.


How to use tapioca?

We attribute to tapioca pearl many uses. For example, it can be used as a binder in pasta and hamburgers. the Tapioca flour is also used as a thickener to soften tapioca recipe soups and sauces. It also replaces wheat flour in bread recipes.

For the Cooking, the tapioca is cooked for 7 minutes in a large volume of water. It cooks when the balls turn translucent. In addition, it is possible to replace the water with milk to make tapioca with milk. You can also enjoy it with waffles or cream like tapioca dessert.

With tapioca, you can prepare gourmet drinks such as bubble tea, a Taiwanese drink made from tea and Tapioca pearls.

Finally, in addition to its culinary uses, the pearl tapioca It is commonly used to starch clothing.

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