Succulent recipes with sweet potato flour

Flour or sweet potato powder It is the result of drying and grinding the sweet potato. Rich in antioxidants, sweet potato flour is a food of high nutritional value, essential for the body and effective in preventing certain diseases. But that is not all ! It also offers the advantage of preparing delicious dishes such as pancakes, cakes, etc. In this article, discover the benefits of this vegetable and the countless recipes that can be made with it.

What is sweet potato?

The sweet potato is a sweet vegetable in the Convolvulaceae family. It presents more than 500 varieties that are differentiated especially by the color of the skin and the pulp. The most consumed are white sweet potatoes, orange and yellow pulp. According to archaeological investigations, it would have already existed for millennia and whose land of origin is South America.

In addition, the consumption of sweet potato can be done fresh, but also in the form of flour (particularly in African countries). However, there are certain difficulties in storing sweet potatoes when grown in large quantities. That is why it is stored in the form of flour. For manufacturing, therefore, it is necessary to dry or dehydrate the sweet potato and then mold it. So we get a sweet potato powder fine with an appearance and texture almost identical to that of wheat flour. Also, it is a good alternative to wheat flour.

Finally, the sweet potato flour It is a food that does not contain gluten. In fact, it is a product similar to rice flour, buckwheat flour, chestnut flour … Therefore, it adapts perfectly to the diet of people with gluten intolerance.

Sweet potato flour

All the benefits of sweet potato!

We have long recognized the many health benefits of sweet potato for its nutritional wealth: vitamins A, B, C, minerals and trace elements. It also contains antioxidants that allow it to have all the relative virtues.

Regulation of sugar levels

The sweet potato has a relatively low glycemic index that allows it to regulate the level of sugar in the blood. On the other hand, sweet potato fibers They are a natural appetite suppressant for people concerned about maintaining their figure. This also explains why it is an integral part of weight loss diets.

Improved acid-base balance

If the level of acids produced in the body is high, the amount of calcium in the bones is reduced. Hence a decrease in muscle mass, significant kidney problems and an acid-base imbalance. It can also affect the secretion of growth hormones. In general, the high level of amino acids is due to the frequent consumption of cereals, dairy products or animal proteins.

Therefore, it is important to stabilize the acidity of the body and sweet potato can help you regain that balance. In addition, studies carried out by the International Potato Center (CIP) in Peru have shown that the sweet potato is a basifying plant capable of balancing the body’s biochemical reaction.

Cancer prevention

The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) concluded, after their research, that orange-fleshed sweet potatoes would help prevent cancer. More particularly, those of the breast, prostate, kidney, gallbladder and colorectal. In addition, the carotenoids contained in the sweet potato would help preserve better eyesight.

Rich in antioxidants

The beta-carotene present in sweet potato tubers is an essential component of the vegetable, transformed by the liver into vitamin A. Therefore, it would help fight against skin aging. In some violet varieties there are also anthocyanins that absorb UV rays and reduce photo-oxidation. This improves the protection of DNA and cellular components.

Or is it about sweet potato powder or fresh sweet potato, the virtues are innumerable. In addition, athletes consume it regularly simply because it would enhance and improve the development of muscle mass. The antioxidants contained in organic sweet potato flour it can also contribute to the fight against oxidative stress.

Sweet potato flour

A delight in your recipes

Whether it’s a savory or sweet recipe, sweet potato powder is always suitable for any preparation. So, to choose the right product, opt for an organic flour without pesticides or additives, free of artificial flavors. Although its consumption does not present any danger to health, the organic sweet potato flour it should not be used in excess. Its rich in vitamin A can cause the skin and nails to turn orange.

If you have a slight preference for less sweet and more mealy products, white-fleshed sweet potatoes it will be perfect. Also, there are many white sweet potato recipes such as sweet potato flour pancakes, sweet potato crumbs, sweet potato gnocchi, etc.

In any case, to prepare delicious dishes, discover our products based on organic sweet potatoes such as Organic sweet potato flour, crunchy organic sweet potato vegetables, organic Espelette sweet potato mezze or organic sports compote of carrot and pepper sweet potato.

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