Sturgis is gathering blame for the spread of COVID-19 in Minnesota

A South Dakota motorcycle rally attended by nearly half a million people earlier this year resulted in at least 86 cases of COVID-19 among Minnesota residents, including one death, according to a report released Friday by the Centers for Control. On diseases and their prevention.

The report, which looked into finding the impact of the march on a neighboring country, found that of the 86 cases identified among Minnesota residents, 35 had not gone to the event but had been in contact with people who did.

About a third of Minnesota counties had a case associated with the Sturgis March, which occurred over 10 days in August with no social distancing or mask requirements.

The results show the importance of wearing masks, following social distancing rules and other recommendations from public health officials in stopping the spread of COVID-19, the report’s authors write.

The authors wrote: “These results highlight the long-term effects that clusters in one area may have on another.”

“The Motorcycle Rally was held in a neighboring country that did not have policies regarding event size and mask use, confirming the implications for policies within and across jurisdictions.”

The authors note that the number of cases among Minnesota is likely lower than the number because some people may not have been tested or participated in interviews with public health officials.

The report did not look at how many people in South Dakota had contracted the disease.

South Dakota. Christy NoemChristy Lynn Noem Night Healthcare: The CDC recommends Americans avoid traveling to celebrate Thanksgiving | Health experts call on GSA to acknowledge Biden’s victory The White House holds its first task force briefing in months, countries with fewer restrictions now have worst outbreaks: New York Times North Dakota records world’s highest death rate COVID-19 More (Right), which is still not enforcing masks in its state, supported the ongoing rally.

South Dakota now has one of the largest and most dangerous outbreaks of COVID-19 in the country relative to the size of the population.

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