“Stop whining,” Bolsonaro launches to his population

One year after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jair Bolsonaro remains faithful to his position based on skepticism and opposition to scientific recommendations. Thursday March 4 the Brazilian president asked the population to “stop whining”. He also regretted the measures taken by several cities in the country to try to stop the outbreak of the epidemic.

The far-right head of state made the provocative remarks as Brazil deplores nearly 260,000 deaths and is going through its deadliest week since the start of the pandemic. “Enough with these stories (…) will you cry, how long?” Jair Bolsonaro continued when inaugurating a railway section in the state of Goais. An exit that will not fix the image of the Head of State, widely criticized for his lack of empathy in this human tragedy. “We regret the deaths,” he added, “but where does Brazil go if we stop everything?” “Nobody can take it anymore,” he concluded.

Strained relations with many governors

“How long are you going to stay at home, how long is everything going to be closed?” He continued. Many cities in Brazil have announced curfews this week urgent. Bars and restaurants have been closed as non-essential activities have been suspended to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

Rio de Janeiro was, on Thursday, one of the last large cities to declare the closure of bars and restaurants as of 5 pm the prohibition of all itinerant sales on the beaches and the movement of people from 11 pm to 5 am

Since the start of the crisis that makes Brazil the second most heartbroken country after the United States, Jair Bolsonaro has faced governors who wanted to restrict activity, accusing them of undermining the economy.

He was particularly opposed to Sao Paulo’s Joao Doria, a political rival, who announced on Wednesday the return of his state, Brazil’s economic engine, in the “red phase,” with a suspension of all non-activities. two weeks, starting on Saturday.

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