Stockport County – West Ham: FA Cup Third Round – Live!

18 minutes: It’s loud and annoying enough for Mike Dean to stop playing until it’s over. Let’s hope the organizer pockets aren’t too deep.

17 minutes: A fireworks display disturb dogs outside Edgeley Park. Really amazing, it came in on November 5 and New Years Eve in one day, and it really lasted a few minutes.

13 minutes: Dawson is down after he takes a hit on the head. The doctor comes and examines him.

12 minutes: Yarmolenko finds little time and space on the right. He shoves the ball onto the field before pushing with a lowered pitch over the left-hand column. Not too far away, although Hinchliffe definitely has you covered.

11 minutes: West Ham winning the first corner of the match, on the right. Noble surrender failed to conquer first man.

8 minutes: West Ham is beating her with confidence now. Rice, Lanzini and Antonio take turns looking this way and that. David Moyes will be happy with the start his strong choice made.

6 minutes: Rice embraces the right seam and does a very good job of extracting a deep cross. He finds Ben Rahma, dropping his shoulder to move the ball in and twist it down to the right. It’s just wide – it actually clears the outside of the post. Smart effort and very close to the opening target. Henschliffe was beaten to the end.

5 minutes: Noble performs a diverse park intervention in midfield and seaplane off the field. Suffice it to say, this surface is very slippery, and players will perform well every time. Fair chance, we’ll see a few slapstick tonight. Let’s hope Mike Dean is in a forgiving mood.

4 minutes: There are 86 places between these two teams in the pyramid. There isn’t much evidence on the field of that chasm yet, but fair, look at the timestamp.

2 minutes: The first two very difficult minutes can be described as agricultural. Third round of the cup: We wouldn’t get it any other way.

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