Still in Shock: An Indonesian Plane Crash rocks a small fishing village

The highest elevation on the entire Thousand Island range is 23 feet, which leaves many vulnerable to the sea level rise and the type of severe storms that delayed Sriwijaya’s flight before take off. The highest point in Lansang is seven feet above sea level. Some hunters thought that Saturday’s accident was an upcoming deluge

“Not only Lankang Island, but all of the islands in the Thousand Islands are threatened by tidal waves and strong winds due to climate change,” said Mr. Mahtum.

When the plane fell into the sea, it was so close to the island that it shook the windows. One of the fishermen, Sahapi, was on the water with his one-man crew, inspecting his crab traps in the vicinity of Mr. Hendrik’s boat when the disaster struck.

Mr. Sahabi, 52, a fisherman on Lansang Island since 1987, said he heard what sounded like a huge explosion. He felt the sea lift his boat and saw yellow and red flashes below the surface. “I saw debris in the water,” he said. Dense black smoke filled the air and pouring rain. The water was yellow and red. “

At first, he thought there might be a tsunami, then he realized that Mr. Hendrik’s boat was closer to the site of the explosion, and decided that his friend must have been hit by lightning.

“I was afraid the wave would roll me over,” he said. “I looked left and right and did not see my friend’s boat.”

He said, “I didn’t hear any sound from the plane.”

Hurry home to deliver the bad news of Mr. Hendrick’s death. Much to my satisfaction, Mr. Hendrik returned soon after and reported a plane crash.

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