Steam Remote Play Together makes it easy to play with anyone (and there are also discounts)

Perhaps prompting the pandemic to keep everyone at home, Steam has spent the past several months building its Remote Play Together service. Initially, it started as a way to play select local online co-op games with Steam friends. Then, earlier this month, it expanded again, this time to allow users to invite someone who doesn’t even have a Steam account to play games with them.

While this is definitely a cool feature, it was limited to just one person when it was introduced at the start of this month. This means that if you have more than one person who does not have a Steam account, you can only invite one of them to your game. Now, Remote Play Together is getting another expansion that seems to remove this restriction.

According to Valve, Steam users can now invite up to four people to play “thousands” of Remote Play Together games on Steam using only the URL, and the person hosting the game only needs to have a copy and have a Steam account. We guess most PC players already have Steam accounts, but this could be a very useful tool for getting non-gamers involved in some multiplayer action without first going through the Steam account creation process.

Valve says gamers don’t need an account if they’re joining your game from Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android devices. You will be able to create a link that you can send to friends by launching the game (Compatible with Remote Play Together) that you want to play and then opening Steam Friends List and creating the URL there.

Anyone’s invite functionality will be tested during a live broadcast featuring a number of broadcasters and YouTubers on March 25 at 10 AM PDT. This broadcast event will be accompanied by a sale on Remote Play Together Games, which will run from the same time March 25-29 at 10 AM PDT.

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