Stadia’s latest game gives Pac-Man a royal touch

Google has broken down the games that landed on Staida this week, and it’s driven by a classic: Pac-Man. Specifically, we are seeing a launch Battle of the Mega Pac-Man tunnel Launch Stadia today, something like a battle royale twist on the classic Pac-Man Play. Battle of the Mega Pac-Man tunnel It is even Stadia exclusive at the moment, with no information on when it might migrate to other platforms

So, if you play other Battle Royale games like classic games like Tetris 99 or Super Mario Bros 35 And you like the idea of ​​a Pac-Man Battle Royale, Stadia appears to be the service that should be available for now. The new game is available on the Stadia Store today for $ 19.99, and he will be joining it Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands On November 19.

These are the only two completely new games to land in Stadia this week, although it’s worth noting that Destiny 2 It will be free for all Stadia users – even those who aren’t Stadia Pro subscribers – on Nov 19 at 9 AM PDT. This is good news for those who haven’t signed up for Stadia Pro, but those who will want the claim Destiny 2: The Group Before that time so they can access expansions like forsaken And the Shade protection. Once the free version of Destiny 2 Goes straight, Destiny 2: The Group It will disappear from the collection of free games in Stadia Pro (although you are prompted for it, you will still have access to it as long as you keep your Pro subscription active).

The last game to join Stadia’s squad this week is the Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition, Which includes the base game, DLC Kombat Packs, and Mortal Kombat 11: Beyond expansion. This will start in store today for $ 59.99.

Aside from games, Google is also rolling out Stadia Messages this week, so you can use that to send chat messages to friends (with smart responses when using a console no less). Google also hosts discounts on indie games on the Stadia store, with even bigger discounts for Stadia Pro subscribers. You can check the list of games for sale and their prices on Stadia Community site.

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