Spain, Italy, United Kingdom … How our neighbors organize

As Jean Castex announced a week-long pardon last night, let’s take a step back by observing How are our European neighbors?. From one country to another, the situations are very different.

Let’s start with Germany, where the number of contaminations is increasing again. Angela Merkel’s country looks with concern at its border with the Moselle. Those of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria are filtered. There has never been a real lockdown but there are rules : limitation of home meetings, teleworking, masks for both shopping and transportation. Schools have reopened in 10 of the 16 Länder, however only essential stores are open.

In Italy, 11 regions are classified in yellow, that is to say with moderate risk. It can be served at the restaurant table until 6 pm Museums and archaeological sites are open by reservation. Another seven regions are in orange, at high risk and there are also red zones, where the risk is very high, as in Milan. Schools, restaurants and non-essential shops are closed there. In addition, throughout Italy there are curfew from 10 pm to 5 am and it is also forbidden to move from one region to another, except for an overriding reason.

Restaurants in Spain reopen, even in the most affected areas

With our Spanish neighbors, there is something new as of today. Most of the regions, even those very affected like Galicia or Valencia, have decided to reopen catering, shops and public spaces. For mainly economic reasons, the idea is to open gradually before Easter Easter. However, important events are still prohibited.

Now it is outside the EU, but they are still our neighbors, Britain is the most devastated country in Europe with more than 120,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Mass vaccination begins to bear fruit and Boris Johnson hopes to get back to normal in the summer with a gradual deconfiguration plan. England, the most populous nation, reopens its schools on March 8. In mid-April, non-essential stores will be able to reopen, but only outdoors. In mid-May it will be the turn of cinemas, hotels and stadiums with a maximum of 10,000 people. Finally, June 21, if all goes well, will mark the end of social restrictions.

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