Singapore says the Suez closure could disrupt supplies to the region

Two tugs park next to the stranded ship earlier today. (AP photo)

SINGAPORE: The Minister of Transport in Singapore, the world’s largest transshipment hub, said today that the Suez Canal blockage could temporarily disrupt supplies to the region.

“Should this happen, withdrawing some stocks will become necessary,” Aung Yi Kong said in a Facebook post, adding that PSA, a port operator in Singapore, could experience schedule disruptions when shipping lines redirect their flights.

“It will have to plan for the future and make sure that operations remain smooth,” he said.

A container ship, as long as the Empire State Building is nearly as tall, blocks transit in both directions through the Suez Canal, one of the world’s busiest shipping channels for oil, grains and other trade linking Asia and Europe.

Nearly 30% of the world’s shipping containers pass through the Suez Canal, with a length of 193 kilometers daily.

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