Singapore offers a demo smartphone app that offers mini-scans

SINGAPORE: Every morning before work on a construction site in Singapore, Junasekar Udayakumar, 41, checks his vital signs without going to a clinic or even seeing a nurse.

All he needs is his smartphone, which in just 45 seconds can tell him his heart rate, oxygen levels, and even his stress levels.

It can also tell him if he should see a doctor.

The app, developed by Singaporean startup Nervotec, is what construction company Kajima considers its first line of defense against another coronavirus outbreak in Singapore.

The city-state has maintained a tight cover from injuries and wants to avoid a repeat last year, when a series of gatherings arose in migrant workers’ dormitories.

Kajima employees in various locations have used the app since December as part of a government-launched program that provides companies with pilot-phase technology to help them adapt to the standards of the new pandemic era.

It provides a diagnosis of the user’s health status, relying only on a smartphone camera that can measure the heart rate by capturing the changes in the light reflection on the user’s skin between heartbeats according to the blood flow underneath.

Nirvotec founder Jonathan Law said the Singapore government is very interested in this technology.

“We see most of the attraction comes from healthcare providers, whether from the public or private sectors,” he said.

Lau’s initial inspiration came from his experience as an Air Force pilot, when he underwent constant checks.

He eventually found a company that uses wearable devices to monitor pilots. But when the pandemic struck, Lao expanded the focus.

The app is still undergoing domestic review, and Choi Teck Lim, director of the Institute of Health Innovation and Technology at the National University of Singapore, said it could have a significant impact if approved by the regulators.

“What Nirvotec proposes could be a game-changer,” Lim said.

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