Singapore bans new diesel-powered cars and taxis by 2025

SINGAPORE: Singapore will not allow registrations of diesel cars and taxis from 2025, five years earlier than the predetermined date, as part of its drive to curb emissions and encourage electric vehicle adoption.

About 2.9% of Singapore’s passenger cars run on diesel, while the proportion is 41.5% for taxis, according to Land Transport Authority figures.

Most cargo vehicles and buses in the city state run on diesel and will not be affected by the new rule, announced by the government today.

The association said in a statement that Singapore plans to install 60,000 electric charging stations by 2030, two-thirds of which will be in public car parks and the rest in private places.

A new government body is being created to lead policies on electric vehicles, and consultations will be held later in March on private sector participation.

“These measures will support Singapore’s goals to stop registrations of new diesel cars and taxis from 2025, and require all new car and taxi registrations to be of cleaner energy models as of 2030, and for all vehicles to operate with cleaner energy by 2040,” LTA said.

It said the new public housing projects would have the capacity to subsidize electric vehicle fees for 15% of their parking lots.

The government announced a series of other measures to reduce carbon emissions, including a greater focus on solar energy, planting another million trees, expanding rail and cycling networks, and reducing waste sent to landfills by 20% over the next five years.

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